Saturday, 12 August 2017

Daily Blog Challenge | Day 5 | Girlfriends meeting.

11/ 08 / 17

Assalamualaikum wbt!

Ini daily blog hari ke 5! yuhuuu

Untuk entri blog hari ini. Nothing much to say, just a little meet up with girlfrieds.

Before Yanie fly back to KL then we decided a sayonara meeting.

We ate and talked about random things and flashed back stories while we were in shool.
How we laughed when we remembered all that.

And oh, we discovered our childhood song where we never wonder what was the song meaning and what was the correct lyrics? when we were kids.
here is it:

The way we sang it when we were kids : Do blek ikan kancil.

The masterpiece we found :  Doe black, he can, can't chill. 

Yes, I know we are genius =P

Azea, Ila, Vivi, Yanie.
Bye bye Yanie.

 Azea, shawl kotor?, don't care!

Vivi and Yanie.

They are, love.

Till next time girlfriends!

Ma'a salamah!

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