Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Video: Bahasa Indonesia VS Melayu Sabah | GET IT RIGHT (Ep1) | AdamShamil

Assalamu'alaikum wbt!

Sometimes, it kinds of annoying when people try to imitate how sabahans speak and it will turn into sound of how Indonesians speak. It is totally fine because most of them don't know. 
Well now actually, I'm just okay with it and started to get used to it.
This is not to say that I hate my peninsular Malaysia friends, they are super nice and kind! I love them just how they really are.
I always in the situation where I don't even know how to explain and to clarify strictly that "Sabahans accent" is totally different with "Indonesians accent"
I just can only say "itu Indonesia lahhh, cara sabah cakap lain :)".
On the other hand, I have friends who try hard to speak in Sabahan and they really want to learn. And I do also met friends who can speak in Sabahan very well even they are not real Sabahan because they are surrounded by Sabahan people. 
One of the great feelings is to know that they love how Sabahan speak, It's very unique they said.
So, I hope this video will help you to see the differences :)

This is obviously not my video hihi.Thumbs up for Adam Shamil for this relatable video and keep it up!.
First time I watched this video at facebook and first thing out of my mind is "FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT!"

Thank you !
I'd subscribed your youtube chanel so please upload more good videos!
*and I don't think adam shamil will notice this sobsobsob*

That is it.

see you on the next entry, maybe.

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